Elements Of A Good Research Paper: A Complete Writing Tutorial

Indeed, writing an effective research paper isn’t a duck soup. For a fact, there are no easy ways or shortcuts to take when it comes to picking the appropriate topic to write, conducting research, figuring out the right methodologies to use, organizing and outlining thoughts, coming up with arguments or interpretations, indicating the references used, composing the first draft and lastly applying the required revisions.

However, you have no reason to feel anxious with a research paper project. Assuredly, with a good grasp of the vital elements of a successful and worth-reading research paper, the writing process could be made a whole lot simpler and easier.

In order to come up with an effective research paper, you must pay attention to the crucial elements it must contain and some of these comprise of the following:

  • Your paper should be something that is realistic.
  • Take into consideration that a research paper must be realistic and objective. It should be hinged on valid proof from dependable sources if your goal is to present arguments, interpretations and evaluations.

  • Your paper should be specific.
  • When you say specific- this conveys that it must sustain its focus on the given topic of research. In addition, it must be able to respond to a specific research query and should not be aimless or inconsistent as to make claims on other, communicate information and of course it must not be irrelevant.

  • Your paper should be attainable.
  • When you say attainable it means it must be capable of providing a thesis statement that answers the research query and is able to contribute to the knowledge of the given topic. Not to mention, it could not propose to respond to a query that does not connect to real life or is not hinged on an existing body of knowledge.

  • Your paper should be done on a timely manner.
  • In other words, it cannot be composed without the writer knowing the timeframes, limits and concentration of the required task. What is more, without the researcher or writer disclosing the limitations as well as the scope of the paper, it is likely that the thesis statement shall be restricted by merely the inability to respond to the provided research query or concentration on the given research topic.

  • Your paper should be something measureable.
  • Keep in mind that a research paper must consist of proven and specific research and it must clearly indicate all the sources used for research and the related literature.


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