How To Come Up With Amazing Research Paper Topic: Helpful Sources To Use

Whilst you might be able to think of some great ideas on your own, it can be useful to look at a range of other sources in order to help you think of ideas. The following is some useful advice that should help you when it comes to using sources to help you to write a great piece of work.

  • Take your time so that you pick the right topic
  • One thing to bear in mind is how easy it will be to find relevant sources to help you write the work. In fact, it is a good idea not to rush things. For example, you may be tempted to write about the first thing that you think of; however, sometimes if you spend just a little bit longer trying to think of good ideas, it will make the actual writing and researching side of things far easier. Essentially, a little bit more preparation at the beginning can potentially make the whole task a great deal easier.

  • Discuss your ideas with other people
  • Most people think of books and official work when it comes for sources of information and ideas; however, a great way of thinking of new and interesting ideas is to discuss your thoughts with your friends and colleagues.

  • Use your local library
  • Whilst most people will use the internet significantly when it comes to looking for information, it can be useful to remember that books and other written and published work can also be useful to. If you have a local library, you may wish to use that.

For further ideas and sources of inspiration, you may wish to look at the suggestions below.

  1. What connections can be made between domestic abuse and families and couples living on low incomes?
  2. Outline and discuss the positives and negatives of the foreign policy of the United States
  3. When it comes to Islamic terrorism, how do actions of Western nations help to fuel discord, and potentially convince individuals to join terrorist organizations?
  4. What is the difference between gambling and lotteries in a legal sense, and is there any justification for any differentiation?
  5. What happened when Henry VIII wanted a divorce but the Pope was unwilling to grant it, and how is this shape the religious makeup of the United Kingdom?
  6. How did the English language become the most important language on the planet?
  7. How can the United States protect its borders?
  8. How do precision weapons work and, with reference to real-life conflicts, what is the unintended casualty rate for some of the most sophisticated weapons?
  9. How does police profiling help law agencies to catch criminals and prevent crime?
  10. How do organizations estimate population counts, and how accurate are the measurements used?


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