How To Write About The Hydroforming Process In A Research Paper

Hydroforming is a popular and cost-effective method of shaping ductile materials like brass, aluminum and low alloys like stainless steel and steel. It is vastly used in the sports cars industry to produce seamless products. The hydroforming is a method that involves high-pressure liquid and a press of 4000 to 5500 tons for applying pressure on the material to be shaped. First, we must know that how the hydroforming mechanism works.

Steps of hydroforming: Hydroforming is not sudden press like the regular press works. It involves about 2 to 3 steps. These altogether make up the hydroforming.

  1. If the shape contains any bends or angles to be made, then the raw tube is fitted with a tube bender. This will bend the tube to the certain curvature giving it the required shape. That fits in the dies. So the first step is to make the tube fits for the dies ahead.
  2. Then the best tube is fitted in the pre-crust “350 to 500 tons’ pressure. This much pressure will initiate the process of shape changing and forming of parts and assist in the process of hydroforming.
  3. At the last stage, these parts are now given to 4000 to 5500 tons hydroforming press. This is a now rather long and heavy process as the parts first, goes into the chamber but first it is charged by hand. Then it is placed in the chamber, and a disk is placed upon it for regular pressure dispersion. Now the chamber is closed, and water inside it is forced downward to the part. The pressure from the press force water by 4000 to 5500 tons pressure to shape the parts to the desired shape. It forces the water down, and until it reaches its required state, the pressure is kept on. Then the pressure is released with the water. So the product can be seen.
  4. Now at the last step, the product is first examined and then sent for further processing. If it needs holes, so it is made by plasma cutter. If further more precise cutting is needed so, the sand cutter is applied. For it polishing and glazing it is sent to a laser cooker that makes its surface smooth and produces a shine on it. This shine remains for a long time.

This information will help you better understand the hydroforming process for you to begin your research paper.


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