Interesting Ideas For Writing An Essay About Unexpected Love

One of the more common themes you might see in a creative or narrative writing class is that of unexpected love. There are a number of different approaches you can take, but it’s first a good idea to settle on an interesting idea to write about. This can be tricky business for some students, so we’ve created this list of topics for an essay on unexpected love you might want to use for your assignment:

  1. Write an essay on an unexpected love you may have experienced towards a specific academic subject that you had otherwise expressed no interest in earlier in your life? For instance, there aren’t many students who like math in elementary, but will pursue it professionally.
  2. What are the biological causes and effects of experiencing unexpected love towards another human being? What are the common responses felt in humans when love occurs and what does it say about the evolutionary process?
  3. Should love be measured? If so, how does one measure unexpected love without prior experience of this distinct form of love? Do you think the measurement or classification of different forms of love is inherently unreliable?
  4. Are there any differences between the concepts of true love an unexpected love? Have you experienced either and can you provide supporting evidence on your thoughts about the differences or similarities if any?
  5. Can unexpected love ruin relationships – either with family member, friends, or a significant other? What if the unexpected love is not romantic but powerful enough to take away one’s attention or dedication with existing relationships?
  6. How do the accepted psychological theories of love affect the way people experience unexpected love? Is unexpected love a different type of strong, emotional affection that it needs to be classified as its own distinct part?
  7. Examine the ways unexpected love has been explored in ancient literature? Do you think the people of the time were aware of the distinction of unexpected love versus true love? What are some of the best known examples?
  8. How did the French philosophers of the late 19th century describe the concept of unexpected love? And what did they say about the way it is either a beneficial or a burden for people to experience it at one point or another?
  9. What is the power of love in terms of how it builds relationships? Is unexpected love a strong force in creating bonds? Or are true love and unexpected love on the same spectrum but only differ in the slightest ways?
  10. What would the world’s proponents of global peace say about unexpected love and its importance in human history? Is unexpected love only a distraction towards achieving world peace?


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