Good Research Paper Ideas On Emily Dickinson To Consider

The poems of Emily Dickinson have captivated readers and writers for centuries. Even in today’s world, she is still relevant enough that students write research papers about her. It might seem like there is little that can be done about her that hasn’t already been done, but that doesn’t matter. Students who want to write about Emily Dickinson have plenty of options on Here are a few ideas to choose from:

Students who are interested in the history of Emily Dickinson can always conduct research about her, as a person and a writer. Living in the early days of the colonies influenced her writing, so students can focus their papers about her life on the poems she wrote. Students can use history and her works to create this paper, using their own assumptions.

Students can compare her to other writers of the time period. She had a unique style that differed greatly from other writers of the era. This would involve investigating other writers. Considering that most of them were men, students could focus on how her style was so different. It would be interesting to investigate why she wrote so differently than the men of her day and if it was a conscious effort on her part to set herself apart from those dominating men.

It could also be fascinating to write about her word choices. She tended to keep her poems simple and succinct, which was unusual for any writer of her time period. The word choice could be a unique way to write about her without sounding like so many other students who have found her fascinating. Her unique word choices most likely showed her psychological status, which is something that has been discussed over the years.

Another potential topic would be her impact of other writers. It would be fun to look at the ways she influenced men and women, especially poets. Of course, this would require finding out what artists she actually did influence before you could talk the ways that her writing style showed up in those more modern writers works.

When you are interested in a writer like Emily Dickinson, it can be fascinating to show how she is still relevant today. You can write about what today’s readers could learn from her works and how she applies to the topics that people discuss today. With a little creativity, you could craft a fascinating research paper about a highly influential historical figure.


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