Creating A Winning Research Paper About College Dropouts

In today’s society education is taken with great important and caution. From a personal standpoint, education is the key to success in life. As the old mantra goes “knowledge is power” and that could not be any truer today. From a career/adult perspective, having a college education not only expands your knowledge base from the pre-school through high school, but it also prepares you for life (and your career) in the future.

However, the college may not be for everyone. While some individuals do try their best in college, sometimes it does not work out for them. Here are a few topics you can touch upon as you write a stunning and winning research about college dropouts.

  • Start your paper off on a positive note
  • The best way to start this research paper is on a positive note. There is a common notion that college dropouts are individuals that could not handle the workload or keep their grades up to passing standards. Touch on the fact that everyone does not even get the opportunity to attend college at all. It could be because of financial reasons or just because they don’t want to. Applaud college dropouts for even trying.

  • Point out the positive, successful individuals who are also college dropouts
  • Individuals such as Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are prime examples of college dropouts still being successful and intelligent individuals. Use their examples (or any other celebrity that you like) whom are great examples of what college dropouts are capable of.

  • End with the understanding that college may not be for everyone
  • As stated earlier, college is not for everyone. The fact that college dropouts even try their best should be commended. While the picture perfect scenario would be for everyone to have a college degree that does not make them any less smart or less of a person if they drop out. Success and knowledge are more than just about a piece of paper; it is about learning what you can, and actively doing the best that you possibly can.

In the perfect world, everyone would complete college. However, keep in mind that while college is stressed as a necessity, that does not mean everyone has actually to attend or complete college. At the end of the day, individuals will make the best decision for them. Instead of belittling college dropouts, in your winning research paper, showcase all of the positives that can come from it.


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