5 Things To Pay Attention To When Writing Your History Research Paper

Writing a standalone academic paper on history can be really difficult when you are looking to strike all the right notes and get the timing right all along. But like all difficult things under the sun, there are several things that need to be considered when looking at the larger picture here. To start with, we highlight five important things that you should be more attentive about when writing your paper on history.

  1. The era and allied recorded history
  2. You will have to be extremely careful when looking at the period in history that needs to be understood in isolation as well as in succession. There are several things that you would like to be covered in the first chapter of the paper itself.

    Research the era you are writing about very carefully. Try and identify some nuance that other historians have missed all the while.

  3. The out-of-war concepts
  4. Much of the recorded history we read in our textbooks is a history of wars. The recorded history of wars is something that needs to be understood in different contexts. Nations and kingdoms have not always been at war. There have been great gaps in between. What happens in these time periods is always more important and often blatantly ignored.

  5. The role of geography
  6. We do not often take note of the role of geography in recorded history. Geography has a great role to play in whatever history we know so far. There are several ways in which the geographic dimensions of history can be explored. Take it upon yourself to conduct this research in your paper.

  7. Bias of historians
  8. While this is not much hyped, we will have to understand that most historians of all times have been state-sponsored in some way or the other. So it was basically a part of their job to keep the state higher than all else. This is where you should carefully look into the nuances that they have intentionally or accidentally left open for future scholars like you.

  9. Literature review
  10. There is great value in whatever literature has been composed already on the subject. There are several people that need to be understood when looking at issues like these. You also need to make sure due credit is given to any work that you use for your paper. The refereeing has to be done meticulously at all costs.


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