Writing A Research Paper On Video Game & Violence: 5 Games To Write About

Violence has become quite an attractive feature in modern video games as their developers try to gain the most out of their creations. If you are a gamer, you should know how attractive certain titles are but look at them and count how many are filled with violence and strong adult themes. Although many of these games are rated accurately, and distinctive markings are placed on their exterior young children still somehow play them. Writing a research paper on these games and their influence on young individuals can be quite easy once you read through a review or two of such a game, or have a look at education samples on any topic here.

Contained within the list below would be some excellent choices of games you can write on simply because ample information can be easily found by using any popular search engine. You do not have to play these games in order to get sufficient understanding of its theme before initiating your paper so consider this for a moment. Some of these games have managed to acquire awards in other unrelated fields of mastery so feel free to marvel at their completeness and delivery.

  1. The last of us.
  2. The last of us was designed to give the player a new and engaging type of game play never before used on such digital publications. The violence was quite realistic and this could lead younger children astray.

  3. BioShock infinity.
  4. This game is the last game in a trilogy developed for a specific game console. After experiencing a large financial breakdown due to some technical difficulties,t their target console had the franchise re-released for multi-platform use. Despite its early hiccups, the game was a huge success even though the violence was clear and present.

  5. God of war 3.
  6. Made for a specific game console this franchise was known and still remembered as a very gory game. The developers seemed to spend extra effort to make it all the more brutal and bloody. Writing about this game would bring you great material for your paper.

  7. Killzone 2.
  8. Many people did not know about this game until the reviews for part two came out and flooded the gaming arena. This product was the first to be designed the way it was so research this some more.

  9. The grand theft auto series.
  10. This multi-platform game literally took the world by storm as it allowed for many different types of game play. The violent and destructive themes were so evident in the game that it was banned in certain countries.


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